The First Day

It was great to be building again and putting things in place instead of packing up !
Having spent the last few weeks at Lourdes tidying, sorting, packing boxes and lugging bundles of stuff it was awesome today to be placing items on shelves, arranging furniture and creating order.

I have a smallish office – its about 3m x 4m but it has a nice outlook for the sun and will serve me well. There are a couple of filing cabinets to move out and then I’ll have a little more room.

I managed some dial up internet as the existing server did not like my iBook too much. It won’t matter a bit as later this week our new server is going in. I am very grateful to the BOT for enabling this to happen so quickly. It is a great development and will encourage us to get blogging and sharing our learning with the world. Each teacher will have their own email addresses and the children will have reliable internet access to use for blogging and sharing podcasts and videos about our learning. There will be the odd teething items to work through but it will be an awesome and incredible system once we get established.

Here’s a picture of my space complete with Mac Classic !


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

2 thoughts on “The First Day”

  1. Can’t see your BEAUTIFUL green apple computer Voyagers made you on your desk yet??? Waiting for the new server to power it up ha???
    Glad to hear you had a productive first day!

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