Last night around 9 pm I was busy with my computer when without warning our lights went out, the computer turned off and all things electrical ceased working. A quick check of the neighbours told the story that we were the only house in darkness !

A candlelight phone call to Genesis, a very helpful call centre operator and then within half an hour help arrived. And all it was …

… a fuse where the underground wires entered our property. It had melted the plastic cover and had that burning smell of things electrical.

We soon had our computer back on and Louise just managed to see Michael Laws eliminated from that dancing programme !

Many thanks to our rescuer Tony with the new fuse !


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

One thought on “Blackout”

  1. What an EXCITING time you have had. I can just picture you with candle in hand on the phone. If the power went out here I think my phone would be dead too as it is a hand held one … maybe I should check that!

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