Autumn Saturday

On Saturday we travelled to Marton for Tim’s soccer game. Tim’s team was playing against Huntley. The school is set against farmland and has a picturesque vista of autumn colours at present. The sun was shining on our backs and the wind was non existant.

We were enjoying the game – Tim’s team was losing and then a couple of parents on the side lines became a little aggressive in their comments and calls. It is so unnecessary to barrack at children like that. They were losing but all were doing their best.

After the game a quick trip home and off to harriers. This week we were runing at Whitelocks near Colyton. The course has a brutal down hill and then a long up hill with a little steeper section just as you near the top. Three laps later I was sixth on handicap ! A great way to spend an autumn Saturday.

“Kid’s play sport to have some fun,

Angry parents make themselves glum.”


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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