Halcombe Road Relay

The seventh of the seventh of 2007 is a lucky day for some – and a cool date regardless whether you are superstitious or not. And it was a fine day out at Halcombe for the annual road relays beginning and ending at the Halcombe hall. I had chosen not to run the relay but to do the course of 29.6 kms solo. There were about 8 or so solo runners and twenty three teams of 6 entered. We headed off at 12.30 expecting to take just over two and a half hours for the course.

Last year I ran a leg of the relay and had driven around the course as part of the team. I vaguely remembered the lie of the land but had forgotten most of it. It started off with a gentle run with much flat and a couple of climbs which were quite enjoyable.

The countryside is beautiful rolling land with grass, rivers, streams and trees.lambs.jpg There is a some hill country and plenty of stock. We turned onto the makino-intersection.jpg Makino Road and began the hardest part of the course. There are several climbs of varying lengths. makino-start.jpg The hardest part however was the cold wind. It was biting and searching. It was not all that strong but it was bitter. I was glad to have made a last minute decision to have donned my tights and my gloves. I began to heat up a little at times but not during the stretch on the Makino. church.jpgAnd we passed this lovely church called St Michael and All Angels, Stanway Anglican Church. It stood out in the country side with its shining red roof and white walls.

We turned off the Makino dsc_0009.jpg and had a small section of unsealed running unsealed.jpg before joining the tarseal again for 5 more kilometres. I was feeling a little jaded by this time so ran fairly easily over the last section. There were some of the relay teams starting to blast by me by this time and they were moving pretty quickly in comparison to myself. I was happy just to be running !

Congratulations to everyone for braving the weather and having a run or walk today. We are all a little crazy and it helps.

I took the photos afterwards as I drove the route again. I must get a camera I can run with !


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

2 thoughts on “Halcombe Road Relay”

  1. Tom,

    I am training for my first 24 hour in October as well. Mine will be run in San Francisco, CA USA Oct 20th.

    I am curious how the training is going. email me.

    for the distance,

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