St Matthew's School Vision

Here are some questions copied directly from Bruce’s website which we will ponder this Tuesday afternoon.

Before creating a shared Vision assess your school.

1. Does the school have a shared vision and values, a mission that unites all. Is there a deep understanding of the mission by all?

0 <———————————–> 10

2. Does the school have a shared set of common practices and beliefs that effectively expresses the values and mission statement that meets the needs of all?

0 <———————————–> 10

3. Does the school have a realistic, shared, well defined strategy plan that effectively expresses the vision, mission and shared beliefs?

0 <———————————–> 10

4. Is there alignment between each member and the mission statement/values and shared beliefs that reinforces the strategy plan? Do you all work as a team to achieve the mission?

0 <———————————–> 10

5. Does the school have a management style which is congruent with the mission and shared values, or is it inconsistent or lacking?

0 <———————————–> 10

6. As an individual, do you have the skills and style to make a full contribution to the vision, mission of the school?

0 <———————————–> 10

7. Do you communicate well between each other, share concerns, strategies, co-operate and work in teams to achieve the mission?

0 <———————————–> 10

8. Do you know or trust each other enough to really be a high performance team?

0 <———————————–> 10

9. Do you believe you are able to do what you believe in; that you have personal integrity?

0 <———————————–> 10

I am very excited to begin creating this vision with the St Matthew’s school community so that it may become like a lighthouse shining brightly for all to see.

Thanks Bruce !

Quality Learning: Creating a Vision, Successful schools


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