Catch Up

A few items of interest:

Apple announced new software – iLife and iWork. Several different applications upgraded and some new ones. Less than a week later I receive two parcels from Apple – one addressed to Tom Sheehana

and inside are the two install DVDs. Apple – you are fantastic !

Rainbow – I snapped this picture on Friday afternoon about 3pm.Rainbow

It was beautiful ! Spring is not far away.

Palmerston North Half Marathon – I ran this fine event today. It was a magnificent day weather wise and as it was the 25th anniversary there was a medal for finishers. It goes nicely with the 20th one I got 5 years ago.


I ran very well as the last three weeks have been very thin with running. There were many people running and walking – it is better to participate than spectate ! Results here

And last of all Skitch This amazing programme was sent to me by Jody. She had two invites and when it arrived I was thrilled. It is a great tool. You can sketch, doodle, draw, write over photos and scren captures and then upload, link email so easily. It is Mac only. I love it !



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