I have recently bought myself some virtues cards from ucamusic. I hope to share some of these as they are very valuable insights into daily living.

I have used my macbook’s camera and skitch to take a snap of the card and upload it to myskitch.


Take some time today to think about peacefulness.

  • I have a tranquil spirit
  • I enter the peace of reflection
  • I release my fears
  • I move calmly without rush or hurry
  • I choose justice instead of anger
  • I choose unity over discord

We are currently on holiday and it is rather peaceful I must say. There are only a few things which must be done so you are free to dwell, read, watch a bit of TV and otherwise drift through the days. I have enjoyed some stunning runs during the day throughly enjoying the spring weather we have been having. Peace to everyone.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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