Feilding Marathon

I have just driven home after a day at the Feilding Marathon. Usually I’d go and run the 42.195 kms – this year however I was on the other side – and was helping out. I’m still a little jaded after my Almost Sri Chinmoy and chose to sit this one out.

The race was run in pretty good conditions – a cool breeze early, cloud cover yet warm temperature. I picked up Mark at 6.45 am and when we arrived at Timona Park Mark grabbed his race bag and got ready and I was asked by David if I would be race referee for the day. Not really a big deal – drive the course, pilot the first runner the last 2 kms home and generally be available to do whatever was needed.the-start.jpg The field heads off for 42.195 kms.

I had a great time. It was good to see familiar faces and a few new ones as they began the run. Pretty soon the runners were completing the first 4km loop and were back at the start line where I was on the first drinks station. After that it was out into the country for four loops then about 3kms back to town. I spent some time at another drinks stop and snapped a few pictures. 1stdrinks-table.jpgPerry, Mike Stewart and Roger Morrison early on the run. Around 550 marathons between these three !!

dsc_0066.jpgMarton stalwart Francis Wilson running well.davep.jpg
Dave Penfold – Feilding Marathon Organiser and member of the 200+ Marathons club !

ashsmith.jpgAshley Smith – Waitara’s legendary marathon and ultra marathon runner.
By this time the leaders were lapping the slower runners and there was a little race developing at the front of the field. I drove off to find the leader and realised he was on for a sub 3 hour time which was great to see. I drove up to the top corner and snapped this picture as the leader headed around for the last time.last-corner.jpg

After piloting him to the finish I drove back to find the field. nickeddy.jpgI took this photo of a strong running Nick Eddy as he entered the last 2kms. After watching Nick cross the line to a well deserved PB I went back out and manned the last drinks station as Barry left to collect in the cones and signage around the course. When the last runners and walkers had been through I helped Barry and made it back to race headquarters.

I was able to help out a little there and enjoyed the prize giving. I enjoyed not having sore legs and a tired body today – some of the runners looked fresh and supple, others looked a little worse for wear.

All in all a fantastic day of volunteering. mark.jpgMark had a great run and was comfortably inside his goal of 4.15. Great run Mark !

For me a nice little Sunday run and hopes set on some consistent runs over the next few weeks.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

One thought on “Feilding Marathon”

  1. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the photo and your support on the day, it was very much appreciated, the encouragement and your stops each lap. I suffered a slight foot injury and have eased off the training a little, but I am aiming for the Wanganui Marathon!

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