Flip Video

Took the Flip Video out for a run. Cannot believe how good it is and what it can do. Had lots of fun making this video and talking to myself as I ran the 13km today. I have removed my ramblings and replaced them with a Police track. Grab your self a Police song from the iTunes store.

And you can get yourself a Flip Video here.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

6 thoughts on “Flip Video”

  1. Hey Tom… .just discovered your blog. This is such a coooooool video!!! (It doesn’t make me want to run though!)I am going to embed it in my blog if that’s OK.
    I went for a walk with a loaded up pack today, up Tiritea Rd and Greens Rd. Have already decided on a few things are not ‘essentials’ and will be ‘removed’ from the pack!!! In just two months I will be in Paris.

  2. Thanks Margaret. The Flip video is very cool to use. Sounds like you have been putting in some serious kms. I haven’t done the Greens Road run for a while – I really like it out there.

    Looking forward to following your travels via your blog.

  3. Allanah, I brought the Flip video ultra and after postage it cost around the $280 mark. I am really pleased with it. Very intuitive to use and the quality is acceptable. It holds an hour of video.

  4. A comment by allanahk alerted me to flip videos and your post. Just wondering if you are happy with it still. Is is pc and apple compatible? Did you have to order it from the USA or how did you buy it. Did you need to buy any accessories etc

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