Autumn Running

It has been two magnificent days of Autumn running – running at its very very best.

First up it was Moa Harriers crosscountry run at Wood’s farm – formerly known as Whitelock’s. The course was a nice short 6kms divided into three 2km laps. For a change this year we were running the course in the opposite direction from previous years – my thoughts were it would be a little easier that way and I think it was.

The race was an open handicap and I was ranked 9th and had 9 minutes to make up on the start runner. My track record with handicap running is poor with no way of winning usually. Today was no different. Kevin, who started with me, ended up about a minute ahead in third place – so I guess it can be done !

This picture was taken after the run by Tim – I wanted a picture of the hill – it is a real good one. It goes up and then turns slightly to the left to conclude. We climbed it three times and I ran up it each time. What a great work out. By the top I was really blowing – especially the last lap. I had been steadily catching Peter on the hill each lap but he went away again on the flat. By the third lap I was close enough, caught him about two thirds of the way up and then put a nice gap on – this time he could not catch me on the flat ! I really enjoyed that.

Overall I was about 7th and loved every step.

This picture is the view from the top of the hill – beautiful Manawatu countryside – it is magnificent.

On Sunday was the annual Feilding to Palmerston North run sponsored again this year by Curves gym. Another beautiful day. I paid my $20 and caught the free bus out. There were plenty of familiar faces from the Moa’s as well as many runners and walkers wearing their Rotorua 08 finishers shirts.

My plan was a gentle run and then to cary on and add another few kms at the end as I ran home.

And so it turned out. The 21.4 kms was covered in 1.52 – I was feeling yesterdays 6km race a little towards the end but thoroughly enjoyed the effort. There were lots of people running and walking and the course is quite pleasant with long flat sections, a few gentle hills, some urban streets and about 3kms alongside the Manawatu River.

At the finish I grabbed a couple of drinks and checked the spot prizes. I don’t know why we always have spot prizes – it is something done at most events. Then I ate the last of my Peak Fuel and gobbled the peak fuel bar. The first one of those I have had and it was quite tasty !

I popped the iPod on and jogged off. I was feeling a little tired but ran back to the river, ran up to the observatory and then into Bledisloe Park and back home. The GPS read 35kms when I stopped to walk for my cool down. I had had a fantastic day and was ready for a feed !

Autumn running at its best. Leaves falling from trees, warm sun on my back, cool breeze and varied and beautiful courses.

Next up is the Kahuterawa Hill run next Sunday and then the Aurora Marathon the following Sunday. Then I will take a couple of weeks off to freshen up.

Yes Norman I am the gadget man. You havew given me a great idea for a blog – look out for something in the next wee while !


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I am Tom.

One thought on “Autumn Running”

  1. Enjoying the site thanks Tom, just added it to my Google Reader list. Jack and I have beening doing a little bit of running recently and are planning to do the 10km at Queen’s Birthday weekend here.

    Cheers from cold Christchurch

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