Harriers today was held at Vautier’s farm on Vally Road near Colyton. A fabulous course with a flat section, a challenging uphill then a lovely long downhill for a 2.5km lap. We were running four laps today and I was only 6 days post Aurora so I was making up numbers. I was starting 15 minutes after the runner on go and there were a further 10 minutes or so back to the runner off scratch. I never do well in these races from a trophy point of view. But from sheer enjoyment and fun it is magnificent. Today was windy, wet at times and cold. A real day for harriers.

Tim ran well today for second on handicap and second fastest time.

I was second to last and really enjoyed strolling around the course. We went up the hill four times but I was determined not to walk. Several of the faster runners had small walking spells – and then continued to power away from me !

Many thanks to Reg Vautier for allowing us to run on his farm.

Results here in a few days.


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