Running Again

It is holidays and after the usual few days of feeling blah I have come back to life and have even been for a few runs. Wow – it has been several months without regular running and my body is protesting but in a week or so I’ll be over the worst of it and feeling strong again.

It is good to get a little out of shape every so often ( or so the saying goes) because how can you get in shape if you are not out of shape ? I know that is not logical but it does not matter.

It has been mixed weather these holidays but for running not so bad at all. It is warming up a little as spring tries to sweep the winter away. Plenty of rain and wind but very enjoyable. The Esplanade is lush and green while over the last few days the Manawatu river has been running high. Tonight I ran in the opposite direction and headed through town. A light drizzle but warm enough.

I am aiming for a half marathon in a couple of weeks and then may consider the Feilding marathon in early November ! Here is a link to the half marathon entry.


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I am Tom.

One thought on “Running Again”

  1. I only worked four weeks, but the little ones were coughing and sneezing all over me….. Stayed healthy for the whole of the time I was walking- nearly three months- but a few five year olds were too much for my immunity and I am on antibiotics after spending the first part of the hols feeling a bit blaaahhhh!

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