Witherlea School Blenheim

We are live blogging from Witherlea School in Blenheim. Roll 375, Decile 9 Principal – Murray Hewson. School 40 years old.
Environmental education – ‘green gang’ (group of children) and promote in school.

Use Julia Aitken model for school vision and beliefs and have incorporated the key competencies and beginning to develop values. Murray says it is important to have the ‘language’ of the KCs integrated into daily learning and teaching. Not assessing the key competencies apart from simple reporting to parents.

All teachers required to undertake an action research project as part of PD – and try to relate to local needs and challenges. eg furniture needs, boys ed “distr-action research”

Boys class came around due to large number of boys in a Year group.
Stu – 6 Year old boys class – 18 boys
Stu has taken a common sense approach – he challenges some of the ideas about boys needing lots of breaks etc.

Moved to pen to eliminate the need for sharpening.
Use of carousel (fences) at times to restrict vision and eliminate distraction.
Keep the room warm and standing up for group work. The boys gather around Stu’s table for reading.

Teachers need to be brilliant, accept boy’s stuff and like to work at 20 degrees, be patient and have a loud voice !

Will not continue for next year due to a shift in numbers and composites.

Cathy – Environmental Education
1999 – forest idea – every child in the school planted a tree –
stream – poorly looked after – with council assistance stream project undertaken and developed – junior edible garden ongoing – enviro schools – green gang meet weekly , teachers and parent led.
Very well organised and planned developments and maintaining developments .
No rubbish bins in playground – all rubbish is taken home, food waste is recycled.All developments children have been involved in planning, developing and installing and now maintaining.


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One thought on “Witherlea School Blenheim”

  1. Witherlea School is my child’s school – I think you have it spot on. All the children seem kind and courteous – many know my 5 yr old by name. Thanks to school he is now very interested recycling, worm farms and gardening. He enjoys playing in ‘the forest’ area and also loves the large senior playground with the flying fox off it.

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