Blenheim 3

Friday !
Two more schools and then Picton, the Ferry and home.

I live blogged this yesterday so this part concerns the second part of the trip.

It seemed a very relaxed school with a lovely atmosphere. A real feature was the gardens and environmental work which the school had undertaken.

The children from the Gardening Group who showed me around had great ownership and caring for their school. I had a quick tour of some classrooms then had to rush for the bus as the others were waiting for me.

After morning tea at REAP house we travelled to Spring Creek School. This school is a curious design with earth ramparts surrounding the main building. It presented some real challenges for the staff and community. The school advocates the Cornerstone Values and has developed an approach they call the ‘Six Bridges to learning’springcreek.jpg

Soon it was time to travel and a short drive to Picton and then onto the Arahura for a pleasant sail home. It was not all that warm but the moderate sea made for an enjoyable trip. I don’t play cards wellcards.jpg so I left the others to it and spent the ‘sounds’ leg of the trip outside taking a few pictures.

Then there was some crew training so I helped by being instructed to put on a life jacket. Felt snug and wanted to jump !

Many thanks to everyone for their company and collegiality. I learnt much and had a fun time too. Thanks to Allan for his driving and to the organisers Brya and Ben. Thanks also to Rangitikei College for the van.


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