Really Makes You Want To Run


What an inspiration today.

Tim and I spent the day helping out at the Feilding Marathon. We were handing out drinks at the 4km table which doubles as the 38km table later in the day. The weather was ideal although the breeze was cool. After the walkers were passed we went back to watch the start of the run then we returned to help the runners with a drink.

Next we drove to the top of the course at Stanway hall and stayed there taking a few photos and helping a little with drinks. Then we headed back to our table and gave out more water to the runners and walkers. By this time the runners were well spread out and we stayed there for a few hours.

Then we headed back up to halfway and helped pick up the course – cones and signs mainly.

Watching the runners run was an inspiration. Just getting out there and doing it is the best thing there is.

Congratulations to all runners, walkers and helpers today !!


And some runners even managed to vote while taking part.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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