A Dim New World ?

And here is a link to an interesting piece of commentary.

Written by CECILY MCNEILL the editor of WELCOM she is saying that we will get a money dictated government in which the rich will flourish.

She ends with this

Unlike the vast majority of their American cousins who are full of hope, New Zealanders may look back on the Clark administration with nostalgia when they realise that the new government is interested in pleasing only those blue-chip investors who voted for it. In no more than 100 days, many Kiwis with little bargaining power but their labour, may find themselves out of pocket and out in the cold.

It is hard not to agree.

Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

One thought on “A Dim New World ?”

  1. I was interested to read that some of the English media have quickly uncovered details about Key’s share trading past that our media never found during the election campaign. He was apparently called the ‘smiling assassin’ because of the numerous redundancies he was responsible for.
    I suspect many Kiwis have voted out of individual greed for tax cuts, without recognising that there will be inevitable rises in health costs etc. At a time when the world is beginning to realise that corporate greed has led to economic chaos, we have voted to entrench that kind of corporate greed in our govt. Unbelievable really. And I don’t even want to think about the chaos education is likely to endure, when we have only just recovered from Lockwood’s imported curricululums.
    When I was overseas it was clear that many held Helen Clark in high regard for her principled actions for peace.

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