Brain Reserve

Terry Small has a website dedicated to the brain and learning.

In a recent e-newsletter he wrote about brain reserve.

I believe the brain plays a bigger role in all of this than we ever realized. Your brain responds to the environment based largely upon what is already in your brain. Brain scientists call this brain reserve. The more resources you have in your brain, the better you cope with life. It’s like having extra money in your bank account to get you through tough times.

It is an interesting concept and one which I think has some truth. It is discussing the ‘nature or nurture’ concept – of course the answer is in the middle somewhere.

From a virtues perspective it is finding some stillness, fun and self care in your life so that you replenish and recharge – so you always have something in reserve for when the inevitable roller coaster events of life occur.

Time for a weekend of replenishment !


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

One thought on “Brain Reserve”

  1. Oiiiyyyyy…. I went to the website. I know a Tony Small, and was a bit surprised he would have such a website. But I see it is Terry Small who has the website!

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