Ti Kouka

are one of my may favourite tree species. I see them every day as I travel from Palmerston North to Marton. There are many, many trees especially along the Wellington Road route which I usually take.ti-kuoka-1.jpg
This is a picture I took on the way home. It shows a typical ti kouka tree and this one was growing near water as many do. Ti Kouka do not mind wet feet and enjoy swamps. They grow about 12 – 20 metres tall and are flowering now in late spring.
This picture shows the flowers which are strongly scented and you need to look closely as they are small flowers. The flower panicles also attract many insects.

Early New Zealanders used the wood for chimneys as it does not readily burn and they ate parts of the inside and roots as a kind of porridge. They used to burn the leaves.

Here is some DOC info.

Cabbage tree, Cordyline australis - 1966 Encyclopaedia of New Zealand And here is a lovely sketch from The Encyclopedia Of New Zealand


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