The Onitsuka Tiger Shoes are alive and well as this link shows.

I knew them back in 1981 as it was a leading brand back then and not long after merged with another two companies and formed the Asics company. The shoes I first purchased were called ‘Montreal’ and were yellow and blue.

While cleaning out our attic space today my wife re-introduced the shoes to me. montreal.jpg

They are a little worse for wear and tired looking however they were some of the best shoes I can remember running in. Seeing them again was a surprise and I popped them on for a walk around. The shoes were not built like modern shoes with quite a low heel section. There was a flat sole (which I like) and the main material is soft and still comfortable. The sole was a simple wave pattern. I recall using some glue product or getting a hot melt put on the shoes to help the wear especially on the outside of the heel.

There were a couple of other shoes in the attic as well. Also Asics and also rather tired looking. But as these were the first shoes I ran a marathon in I may now bring them out of retirement and use them for slippers !


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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