Keep It In Proportion

What is better than one new pair of Proportion 2 running shoes ?

A nice parcel awaited me today as I arrived home from school. Inside were two pairs of Proportion 2 running shoes all the way from Hookset in New Hampshire, USA. Made by Charles at Vitruvian running and I just like them !

They are not flashy, or famous – they just get the job done. The two pairs I have been using are due for retirement as gardening shoes. And these new shoes I know will just fit, cause no blisters and straight away will feel just right. That is because the design on them has not altered for several years. Charles does not change his shoes every year – features or cosmetics. They are made for a runner ! They only thing about the shoes I could improve is that the sole wears out where my foot strikes the ground.

The Proportions almost remind me of the shoes from the seventies and eighties. Use of EVA foam, flat sole, simple tread pattern, functional design are all in common.

Since I have bought them a few years ago I have never been for a run in anything else !



Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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