42.2 Fever Again

Can’t wait until Saturday – it is the Wanganui Three Bridges Marathon.

It is a 7.30am start so it will be early to bed Friday night and early up on Saturday morning. I will have my usual breakfast of toast and porridge and plenty of water and will carry two tubes of Peak Fuel for the run.

The course is a 4 lap course with three bridges to cross each lap. You cross the middle bridge twice so there are actually 4 river crossings per lap. The course is quite technical in that you turn sharply onto some of the bridges and paths. I like it as it is scenic, well organised, friendly and usually warm. The course is flat and I love hills so it makes a change to run a four lapper which is flat.

I am under prepared in terms of total kilometres. I have a few longer runs in the bank but total volume of training is pretty low. My aim is to run two hours for the half and see how I am. I often find I speed up in the 20 to 30 km section of the race so this year I will avoid that urge.

My time trial yesterday saw me do run two 1km runs and they were 4 mins per km. I was very pleased with this as I finished the second strongly. This usually means I will run well on race day. I have cut my toenails tonight and got my gear out in preparation for the run. (I know – a bit early to get my gear ready but I find it helps me focus)

This is marathon number four for the year and is my treat to myself. When I took on extra teaching duties at the start of term three I had a long time of easy running and no marathons. Now I am near the end of the year I have decided to reward myself with an end of year run. If all goes well I may consider running the Hutt River Trail later in January. This is a 60km ultra so a 42 km run on Saturday will be a great preparation for that run.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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