Boxing Day Races

I quite like a couple of hours at the Awapuni Racecourse – usually I run around the road which skirts part of the track but today I was able to spend some time photographing some of the horses as they prepared and raced.

NZ Racing
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Above are the results for one of the races and here is a picture of the winner being loaded into the stalls.


There is a lot to see as first the horses come thundering around the track on their warm up. They parade around the grass in the pre start then they are loaded into the stalls. Then the track workers do not take much time at all and soon the starter climbs his ladder and says – We have the lights, ready – and then he starts them.

The gates crash open and there is this amazing sound of hooves and suddenly they are gone. The horses are phenomenonly quick and they disappear down the track to the receding sound of hooves on grass. It is very spectacular.

I had a relaxing time shooting some pictures and playing with the camera.

I have loaded some onto our Flickr site – take a look if you like.


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