First of the 7km Striders Series

Tim and I ran the first race in the Manawatu Striders Series tonight. I had been feeling a little lethargic and even had a sleep this afternoon so it was a case of wait and see how I was feeling when I was warmed up and then plan a race around that. So it was good to warm up and found that I was feeling quite lively and after a slowish start with all the runners ran freely for a 32.30 time. It was pretty easy and I felt quite recovered as I finished.

During the run there was a runner running close to me who had a heavy foot fall and kind of slapped the ground making a heavy sound. I tried to get ahead of him a little so I did not have to listen to his feet and then after the run he shook my hand and thanked me for towing him along ! I’m glad I was of service !

As for the run there were heaps of people running and walking – a huge crowd tonight – I estimate close to a thousand altogether. Of course this is just a guess but there will be a newspaper story tomorrow with the number so we shall see. This year Turners and Growers are sponsoring and you get a free banana at the end which is a nice touch. The Striders also have free sausages and spot prizes and are very well organised and friendly.

Tim and a friend lined up on the start line, took off and when I passed them at the 1.5km mark they were spent and jogged/walked the rest for 44 minutes !

It is a good reminder for me to take it easy this Saturday as I run the Hutt River Trail. It is a 60km Ultra starting along the disused railway line at Cross Creek and heading down to Upper Hutt and along the river to reach Petone. It is a 6am start and I understand there were few entrants last year so it will be interesting to see what happens on Saturday.


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