Here is a photo I snapped on my way to school


Appearing in the clouds, rays of sunlight heralding the start of a blessed and amazing day – precious, a gift, treasured.

We live in a beautiful world.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

2 thoughts on “Here is a photo I snapped on my way to school”

  1. The sun was piercing through the clouds here in Terrace End like that this morning too! It reminded me of being in Spain when I was often out in the open countryside to see the morning skies. But this time in fact, I was off to school as well- didn’t expect to have an early morning phone call for day relieving quite this soon, but life is full of surprises!

  2. This evening I had a rehearsal at Awatapu. Made the mistake of driving there along Park Rd, completing forgetting about the Tuesday night craze!!!! I went in the opposite direction to runners the whole way along Park Rd….100s of them!!! And still never got to the point where I saw any of the walkers!!!!

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