I am Mean

My son told me today that he met a former pupil of St Matthew’s School. She said I was mean !

Hmm – what does that tell me ?

Poor Tim having such a mean father !!!


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

3 thoughts on “I am Mean”

  1. I got told by someone the other day when I was day relieving that the girl next to her had said she ‘didn’t like me’. I was totally devastated and demoralised for the rest of the day of course, as you can imagine. It’s a tough life!

  2. No, not mean! You share your lollies that you bring to the marathons. Perfect after race food? Probably. See you at New Plymouth?

  3. Thanks Norman and Kiwi Nomad !

    I’ll not be in New Plymouth as I am tapering for Tarawera on the 21st. Ran a good half in 1.36 last Sunday and hitting the trails this weekend for last practice avoiding roots, rocks and trees !

    Have a great run up there and give my regards to Mt Taranaki.

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