Course Scouting

Picked up a nail in a tyre yesterday so found Ian at Rotorua Goodyear Tyres and he fixed it for me. Turned out he is a Taranaki boy – Waverly – small world eh !

Then I went on a reconnaisance mission to see some of the run. Ended up at Lake Okataina which is at the 35kms.

Quite a beautiful spot and look forward to passing through tomorrow. This picture shows the lake and bush behind. The course is somewhere in the background bush up high as we skirt right around to the right and then descend 3kms to the lake.
The name means place of laughter because one poor fellow thought it was the sea and his friends laughed and no doubt ribbed him about it for years.

35kms This section winds around the lake heading towards Humphries Bay almost 10 kms away.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

One thought on “Course Scouting”

  1. Ahhh beautiful area you are going to be marathoning through! I think I have been on that ‘walkway’ near the Lake Okataina, and for me it certainly wasn’t a ‘run-way’!!!

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