Sledge Track

Took the Flip video out for a run this morning and later made a movie.

If you have 10 minutes to waste then watch it – that’s if you can stand me ‘going on’ as my daughter calls it when I speak. Hmm – I wonder why she says that …?

Run the sledge track with Tom

Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

2 thoughts on “Sledge Track”

  1. Hi Tom
    Great to catch up at Waitarere. You did well! Flip video is interesting. How do you carry it as I see you have a water bottle in your hand?

    I’ve been cycling to ease the body though still would have liked another running event. After watching yr clip, I should have gone for a run rather than gardening this afternoon! Certainly would have been less shattered!

  2. Bottle in the left hand and camera in the right and also have shorts with pockets and the camera fits into one of these. Lots of slow running and walking on these runs so not that marathon pounding you get. The camera is a bit bigger than a cellphone but has the advantage that no-one calls up on it!

    Gardening for me today.

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