Sledge Track 2

KahuterawascreenshotIt is the holidays and another beautiful autumn day here in the Manawatu so I took myself off for a run to complete the Sledge track which I explored last Friday.

Got back to where I turned around last week about 11 minutes quicker than previous. Having no camera to pose for makes a difference! I next took the track leading to the Platinum Mines via ToeToe Flat. Mostly easy running and a beautiful piece of forest to descend into. The track here is twisty and turny and is fun to run. Bursting out of the bush I spent several minutes in the ToeToe. There are hundreds of the plants growing in a small valley. Next the trail dived back into the bush and I gave two hunters a fright as I appeared out of nowhere. (Gave me a fright too as he had a big gun!)

I exchanged pleasantries and after being called skinny (nicely) I ran on and at a quickened pace for a while I can tell you. Pretty soon the trail turned and headed for the Platinum mines. These are several holes in the ground with ladders in them which will take you 4 or so metres below ground. I did venture down one and what did I see – the dark hole and nothing else. There was also an open mine which looked more like a miniature railway tunnel. I had a closer look at that too and decided a torch would be handy another time.

It took another 15 minutes of running or so to get back to the sign saying two hours back to the carpark – my turning around point last Friday – and thus the loop was complete. I was back at the carpark around 35 minutes later for a 2 hour 15 minute adventure.

I loved it. I saw another track leading off somewhere so will need to explore for another time! It was called the ‘Hunter’ and if anyone knows where it goes please let me know.

This link is to a 40 second video of the Sledge Track Map from the car park!


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