Moa Season Begins

moa-harriersHarrier season is underway ! Today we were running at the old Feilding Racecourse. Basically we were running around and across a big paddock. Slightly uneven underfoot with a few holes to watch out for and varying lengths of grass. Not very difficult really.

The sun was high in the sky, a slight breeze and firm underfoot to make for hot conditions. About 20 men greeted the starter for a three lap, nine kilometre run. After about 400 metres I was last. Ooops! What is going on?

I had not warmed up and had planned to run easily until I was limbered and felt the warmth kick in – however everyone else was ahead of me. It took another 800 metres or so until I was up with the next runner and then passed him. The first lap came and went and mid lap I had a surge of wellness and zip. I was in the zone and it was going to be a fun run for me. It is a great feeling when this occurs. I have plenty of leg strength at present courtesy of my trail running over the last few months but not much speed. Lap 2 came and went and I had made up several more places. During lap 3 I passed no-one and made noo impression on the runner in front of me. He was a fast runner going slow for some reason. I finished in 45.34 for about 9th place. Was not feeling too tired so after a Horley’s Replace and banana I jogged back down the far end of the track and collected a few of the race markers then walked back to the car for a cool down.Resultsmoa18april2009


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