The April holidays are at an end. Gorgeous weather, busy days and relaxing evenings have been thoroughly enjoyed. Coolish mornings gratefully endured as a pre cursor to a balmy afternoon.

I have carried out some home maintenance projects and lately been at St Matthew’s preparing for Term 2. The school is looking great with some new furniture, new displays and whiteboards all prepared for Monday’s children. It is going to be a fantastic term for everyone as we seek to become a dynamic learning community.

I have been reading the Preentation Zen book and grazed a few pages in Claxton’s What’s the point of school. Holidays provide you with time and energy!

Presentation Zen is a blog by Garr Reynolds. It focuses on presentations and presenting. Garr writes in an easy style making some complex ideas appealing. If you want to improve your presentation skills this is a must read blog and the book is stunning. It is available here.

Guy Claxton has a set of eight qualities of learners on pages 123 and following:
Simply listed they are:

  • Powerful learners are curious
    Confident learners have courage
    Powerful learners are good at exploration and investigation
    Powerful learningrequires experimentation
    Powerful learners have imagination
    Creative imaginations use reason and discipline
    Powerful learners have the virtue of sociability
    Powerful learners are reflective
  • We have incorporated these qualities into our 6 key teaching and learning beliefs and one of my goals this year is to make these known by all of us at St Matthew’s so that we use them in our every day language.


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