Lyric Tuesday – Band On The Run

Its Lyric Tuesday and posting this one later at night as I hadn’t put it together earlier.

Paul McCartney is a huge musical figure from the 20th Century. Some people love him and others not so. I am a lover and have enjoyed his musical talents and offerings all my life. I grew up surrounded by Beatle music but it was the Wings incarnation which came along in the 70s that I will blog about tonight.

The Wings Band On the Run Album is featured here.
And the song – Band On The Run – through this link.
You Tube link here live version by Paul
and here with Wings
And lyrics here
And reviews here

The Album cover is quite iconic.bandontherunalbumcover

The song became a hit – I always liked it because it was a song which had hooky chords and told a story. The theme of escape and freedom must have spoken to my little boy’s mind as this 10 year old tried to make sense of his world. It is a poppy little tune which I do admit a soft spot for.

I hope you are enjoying Lyric Tuesdays – they are fun to put together – maybe I’ll jump a couple of decades for next Tuesday.


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