50 Reasons to Run – #1

In no particular order and in a certain random kind of way I will blog about the why of running.

Today Reason #1
(And in writing this post I negate the need to write 49 others however even though there is no point to running there are a lot of reasons to run!)

I run because there is no point to it. I first gave voice to this thought about 18 months ago when talking to one of the St Matthew’s teachers about running. The thought was confirmed to me during and after the Tarawera Ultra in March this year. I am not claiming it as particulary original, unique or quotable. It just is.

There is no point – no reason – no thing that makes any sense to running. It may well be one of the most pointless things to do in the history of human kind. Take today for instance – I ran for an hour. I ended up – pleasantly tired – back where I started. I did not achieve anything except elevate my heart rate, sweat, take about 10,000 steps, breathe in and out rapidly and generally live. It is not about training or preparing for an event. It is not about being particularly fast or slow. It is not about the clothes, shoes, food, supplements or tech equipment. (Although at times it has been about all of these things!)

So why? – exactly why do I run? No one depends on it or me. There is no assessment. No evaluation. No review. No strategic plan and no meeting. No thing to think about. Just nature and me living.

It is that simple. Go outside and move – run, play. Live and breathe.
Be one with this wonderful planet and life. Breathe the air. Touch the plants, feel the earth that I am part of beneath my feet. Let the sun and rain minister to me. Watch the leaves flutter, trees shapes move and flow. The wind soughing. See life. Be life. Live. Let an hour or two or in the case of Tarawera 12 hours pass and do nothing. Live. Breathe.tom-sheehan-at-hutt-river-trail-finish-2009.jpg

(This post was written without the aid of any hallucinogenics except a little dark chocolate)


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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