Lyric Tuesday – Brother

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Moving forward a few decades for this one!

This song by Smashproof has just broken the record for the most weeks at Number 1 on the NZ charts. The previous song was Sailing Away in 1982!

This song deals with some current events in NZ particularly the murder of a tagger by a householder last year. Below is a quote from the artists.

“The title of the song is a metaphor for South Auckland and all the bullsh*t that’s been happening in the area”, Young Sid reveals. “Our approach to a song like this is to open up the minds of those that live in a society below the average socio-economic standard, and to tell them that crime and violence is not your only option.”

The video features a scene based on 2008’s controversial media story of a South Auckland youth who was stabbed to death by a disgruntled homeowner after catching the youth in the act of spraying graffiti on his fence. The video hasn’t suffered in anyway from its portrayal and has greatly benefited from the controversy, lending to the momentum that helped it reach number one.

from here.

Smashproof are Young Sid, Tyree and Deach. (What would my rapping name be?) OK so don’t answer that one!

I like this song as the music is catchy, it has a positive message and the video was good. It would be interesting to meet these guys and see what their creative process is. Not usually listening to rap music this song has crossover appeal as it features Gin singing the chorus. “I’ve got some questions …”

And yes I have bought a copy from the itunes store and have it on my ipod. Thanks to my gorgeous wife who gave me a gift certificate for my birthday. Still a few dollars left.


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