Three Events

wireThis weekend I was involved in three events but did not run at all!

The first event was watching Tim’s soccer game. They lost 2 to nil and as a team did not play all that well. Still – it is early season. Tim was named player of the day – well done that man!

timvautiers09After soccer we grabbed a quick lunch and headed off to Harriers. Event 2 was crosscountry running at Vautiers – one of my favourite courses and a toughie too. I was not taking part due to a slight calf strain but was supporting Tim. The photo shows Tim on the top of the ridge after the hill complete with barefeet. It is an awesome course with a big hill and a small one, some great downhill running and a nice flat section just thrown in for good measure. He finished second on handicap. I took some photos of the race and enjoyed breathing the fresh country air. Wharite Peak was looming in the distance.

On Sunday the third event took place which was the annual Feilding to Palmerston North 21km run which incorporates a run from Bunnythorpe to Palmerston North. Tim was running in the 13km Bunnythorpe to Palmerston run. The weather was cool and there were showers at the start but at least the wind was from behind. Again I was spectating – it definitely is a different perspective when you are watching. Tim ran well. It was his first 13km road run although we have done slighlty longer trail runs. The hill training paid off and there were no carry over issues from yesterday. Tim said the only time he stopped was to pick up a stone to throw into the Manawatu river. (Its all about having fun!)tim2kmstogo

After a quick trip to the dairy we headed home. Three events done and dusted.


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2 thoughts on “Three Events”

  1. Awesome effort by Tim! Showed this post to Jack and he was very impressed. Might even inspire him.

  2. Great to hear from you Greg. Tim said he was not sore so that is a good sign. I was pretty impressed with his attitude – and he has built into it gradually. The trail runs really have helped his confidence and fitness plus they are just awesome fun!

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