You are what you eat?

The picture to the right is what $20 bought me at this weekends Awapuni market. This will last me the week for breakfasts and lunches.

I have made some changes to my diet over the last two months. Out with the porridge, toast and honey for breakfast and in with an omlette filled with silverbeet, tomato, mushrooms and capsicum (depending on availability of course!) This is followed by a piece of fruit – orange, banana or apple as well as a glass of water with a tablespoon of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and a Berrocca. This lasts me till lunch or I might snack on an apple or carrot midmorning.

I have decided to eat less sugar, grains and dairy. I have not tried to eliminate these foods completely form my eating but just trying to eat more real foods and less processed ones. Out with bread, milk, cheese and porridge. Out with pasta and pastry. In with more meat and vegetables and fruit. In with homemade – out with bought!

This decision regarding less sugar, dairy and grains has been a while in the making as I have always enjoyed eating mostly what I could. Boarding school left we with a dislike of tinned fish and for some reason I am not a seafood fan apart from fish. However I eat most other foods.

There is a massive amount of information on the web about food and diets. Much of it conflicting. Likewise there are many bloggers who readily share their experiences and opinions.

In the two months I have changed my eating I have noticed a couple changes in my body.

  • I have lost a little bit of weight mostly from my middle. This is good.
    And I have not had a mouth ulcer – I’m theorising my body is less acidic now. And this is great. Mouth ulcers have been an on-going part of my life for years. Mouth ulcers are rather painful – if these changes have seen the last mouth ulcer in my mouth then that is significant!
  • It is a little early to make any other claims re the diet but a few more months will yield some more information.

    Coupled with the dietary changes I am trying to make sure I get about 8 hours of sleep a night and watch not much television.

    There are a few challenges for the family but nothing that can’t be remedied with a bit of communication and understanding. As usual my family say I am mad and good on them! is where I have got most of my info and links from. Mark is an advocate of the Primal Bluprint and simple living. He is a great writer and I think he likes a little controversy. I like his approach as he is about choice as opposed to following a certain dietry plan. It is about choice and informed decision.

    I have promised myself that I will not blog or even talk too regularly about food. So I’ll post an update sometime later in June.


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