Quote of the day

shortbreadA cold Sunday here in the Manawatu. As I was not running either the Aurora or Christchurch marathons I decided to get into some baking. I made some shortbread and some chocolate chippie biscuits The shortbread was particularly good! Today with the winter arriving and dropping snow on the hills a few home made biscuits just hit the spot.

And today I began the long task of reinstalling my music collection into my computer. A few months ago my ipod (3rd Generation 20gb) had a slight malfunction and promptly decided it needed to have a cleansing. The result was that my music was temporarily lost and as I did not have the whole collection on my computer I needed to reinstall. Not such a huge job as I only own about 35 Cds – most of my music was on vinyl and I have never completely updated.

Later Tim and I went for a short run and just as we started he came out with the quote of the day as we were getting going. Apparently he had sore legs … Maybe too much Guitar Hero Tim?

It’s hard to limp on both legs

I just about couldn’t run because I was laughing so much.


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I am Tom.

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