Woodruffes 2009

First of all I must say that I love this track. It is hard but runnable and when you finish you feel that you have really done well on a challenging course. I am still hill strong and although the handicapper was quite tough on me I really enjoyed the run.

He only gave me 30 seconds on the next runner who is supremely quicker than me – I’d say over the distance of this run at least 4 minutes faster! Theoretically therefore I should have 4 minutes start on him plus or minus? Anyway I digress.

A cool breeze but sunny sky and a big field of around 15 men. I was starting mid pack and in front of all runners were three laps of 3.2 kilometres.

I was running quite freely today and knew to take it gently as this was my first hard run since slightly tweaking my calf a few weeks ago. The plan was to take it easy on the downhills and generally give it a go. Lap one came and went with the aforementioned faster runner passing me at about 2kms. He blew by with a smooth and fast whoosh and was gone. He cruised round to win the day and take the overall title on offer. Well done! After a reasonably flat first km the course has an undulating section comprising of gates and hills – hills which are steep pinches. After them you feel like walking! But not yet – wait for the finish.

You could see some of the other runers in front and guage whether you are catching them or not. I got into lap two and still felt pretty good although could not run any faster. When I got to the pipe gate near the finish I decided to hurdle onto the top of it which I did. Yes – the leg is fixed!

Starting lap three I had about 10 runners in front of me having been passed by two faster runners but also catching others. If the handicapper has it right all the action should take place on lap 3 as the pack closes up and it it is all on for the finish.

lap 2
lap 2

By the lap 3 hills I was pretty fatigued and had about 100metres of recovery at the top of the course as I eased off a little to gain breath. The last km is mostly downhill so I gave it heaps to the finish trying to catch the runners in front but I was not able to make much headway and eased off to cross the line in a jog.

almost finished
almost finished

After a brief cooldown I was satisfied with my effort and body! It is awesome to be able to run on local farms and this one has been used since the 1950s so there is a real history for the club here as well.

Tim ran his first race as a colt today and acquitted himself well after a tough handicap!


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