David Warlick – The New Story

I will try to live blog this session – my macbook battery is not that fit at present – can only manage a 10km when I need it to run an ultra – anyway I’ll blog what I can then try to find a plug for a quick recharge at lunchtime for the afternoons breakout session.

During morning tea I was able to re introduce myself to David – he said he is loving NZ and enjoying Palmy – it is a nice town! Great to see you again David and welcome to New Zealand.

David began sharing that he is a lifelong learner and that we as educators need to be lifelong learners.
Handouts are available at www.davidwarlick.com/handouts
David invites us to contribute and share with his wiki

The phone – an amazing invention – people switching to mobole over landlines.
Change in magazines/newspapers – starting to be available online only.
Digital content (light) is different from paper and pencil!
No containers for the information.
Computers are changing – example of wearable jacket. GPS toe rings
Our students will invent and create this world. – A future world of which we know almost nothing.
Walmart and UPS examples – globalisation – cooperating.
Two books:Dan Pink – a whole new mind – business book – Richard Florida – The rise of the creative Class

We buy tech based on better experience – so we can engage and enjoy the creative people.
Different children – no recollection of the 20th century – but we teach them in the same old ways.
Carrying conversations with them – never needing to say goodbye.
Learners – connected, community, collaborating – learning what the power of collaboration.
Pay attention to students – what are their out of school online experiences.

Connecting with friends, controlling friends, explore interests, geek out – immerse self in passionate interest, learn – peer based, self dirested, exploratory, promotes freedom and experiences.

Thinking differently about information. This generation interact with it much more – the information is a raw material – re work and mix it.

Wikipedia example of sources and reliability.
21st century teaching turning the class into a learning engine. Othello example of one class making a movie trailer to interest the next class.

Students as a canvas – teacher as a canvas – school as a gallery/museum

Really enjoyed the message and David’s delivery – a skilled presenter. He was using Prezi which made the presentation very cool and refreshing.

Find David hereDavid-P NthJuly09
new story warlick


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