Term 3 Underway

A fantastic few weeks recently and not much blogging. School ended, holidays came and went and now we are back at school for term 3. I love term 3. It is a 10 week term with no breaks and is what I call the moving term. A bit like day three of a golf tournament or the third lap of four in a race. You get a lot done and prepare for the final sprint.

I have been running regularly again after a few weeks of easier work. I am having an off season and an on season this year instead of just running an event then recovering (or not) and running another. My last event was back in early April and I have not got anything on the horizon as yet. There are three marathons in August I am considering: 5 Bridges followed a weel later by Hawkes Bay, followed a week later by Marton Time is running out to make a decision about one or two or all three of these events!

Somehow I don’t think I’ll do the three.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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