Week 3 Term 3

Here is a copy of what I put in our school newsletter this week.

What do you put in your child’s lunchbox? Is it real food? I would ask that you have a think about what you are feeding your children while they are at school.

The question I would like you to consider – Is it real food? If it is, that is great but if it isn’t then please think again about what you are giving them to eat.

What do I mean by real food? Real food is not usually cellophane wrapped or laden with sugar. Real food is not overly processed or manufactured. Real food is fresh fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, meat, fish, eggs, yoghurt , cheese and so forth. There are plenty of websites and information about lunch suggestions.

The packaged muesli bars, strings, chippies and other supermarket conveniences are best avoided. They give children few nutrients and therefore no lasting benefits. With their high sugar content they lead to irritability, dental decay, extra weight and ill health.
The convenience of pre packaged food and parents supposed lack of time are not good enough reasons for giving children poor quality food.

There is much written and talked about in the media about child obesity and child health. I do not wish to get caught up in the various claims and counter claims by the health sector. Some so called experts are a little extreme. We all enjoy some treat food every now and then but as a society these foods have become more regular than treats. My reason for writing this is to ask you as parents to consider what you are giving your children to eat while they are at school.

At St Matthew’s we have been a water only school for about 5 years. The children may only bring water or plain milk to drink during school. We do not allow lollies or chewing gum. Teachers may from time to time give out small treats and we review this each year. We have the option of a Subway lunch three times this term.

I have found it helpful in my own life to ask the question – Is it real food? Hopefully this question will help you too!

Every blessing to you all

Tom Sheehan

I have had no feedback from parents yet. Maybe no one even read it!!


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I am Tom.

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