Marton Marathon

I have decided to run the Marton Marathon on the 29th. I was not sure about running a full marathon so soon after a quieter time of running but a few longer runs at least tell me I can once again go the distance. The attraction of running a marathon close to home is obvious – no travel and accommodation costs and getting to run in the fantastic Rangitikei country side is a bonus.

The course has a few rolling hills but nothing huge. However even a gentle hill can feel like a mountain later in a 42.2 event.

It will also be a trial of my low carb diet and see how I go later in a marathon when a little depleted.
I am currently off all sugar except for fruit. Have certainly missed the chocolate but only another two weeks of no sugar left before I decide to continue with the self imposed sugar ban or relax it a little. Can honestly say that having no lollies, biscuits, chocolate, fizzy drink etc is not as hard as I thought but for the first few days it was a bit of a challenge.

Perhaps I can celebrate marathon #19 with a block of chocolate!!


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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