2009 Marton Marathon

A very nice Sth Rangitikei day greeted all runners who toed the start line for the 2009 Marton Marathon. “3,2,1 Have fun!!,” called the starter as the small but enthusiastic field of 16 runners headed up a slight rise, over the Tutaenui Stream bridge and began the first of two 21km laps.IMG_3271

Pretty early in a run you get a feel for what lies ahead. Today I was feeling energetic and ran comfortably enough for the first 2 hours and 45 minutes. After that I began to struggle a little and finished in 3.57. A good time considering I have not really done the training kms for a marathon.

About 10 minutes in I was chatting with two other runners and one of them said something like, “Are you the blog guy?” and as it turns out it was me!! The funny thing was that both of them had read The Long Run. I cannot say this has happened often but it was a nice thing.

Lap one was very enjoyable. Running together and alone the first 21kms passed in 1.49 and I was in good shape. By the 29km mark I was starting to feel a little road weary. For the last hour I ran and walked every so often. Gave up a couple of places – when I am passed I congratulate any faster runner and concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other as quickly as I can. My recent running has been a little light in overall kilometres and the marathon always find you out. It is simply a matter of preparation.

A couple of moments during the marathon – there was a short out and back section along Coombes Road and on lap one I watched as a goat tethered along the side of the road charged and attempted to bunt two walkers. On the next lap during the Coombes Road cul de sac I watched as a runner in front of me snagged his foot on the road and went down. He showed much resilience and got up and without drama got going again. A life lesson for anyone who was watching.

I also saw some rabbits playing on the road during lap two. It was so peaceful out there.

The race concluded with a generous afternoon tea and prize giving. Congratulations to the organisers from Rangitikei Active.

Results and photos Note that some of the marathon times are incorrect for the runners as at Aug 30.

And how good is this – Kate had made me a sign and as I ran up the only real hill on the course I was greeted by this fantastic sight.DSC_0015

What an awesome gift and a welcome lift on lap 2 as I was starting to wilt a little! THANKS KATE!!!


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