End Of The Road

It is time to come clean and say what’s on my mind. Something has been slowly brewing and stewing this year and in the weekend it announced that it was ready.

On January 17 I ran the Hutt River Trail 60km ultramarathon. On March 20 I ran (and walked!!) the Tarawera 80km Ultramarathon. During these first two forays into the world of off road ultras I realised that I loved the whole adventure so much that I wanted to run more of them. Even when I got to the end and felt rather tired I knew I wanted to do it again. The glorious thing about running a long way is that there is no point to any of it. Running is a complete waste of time!

I have recently run two road marathons which were enjoyable and memorable. However I will in future run fewer of them and look instead to the off road world. And it all came to a head last weekend when I spent 4 and a half hours on the Back track then exploring a new trail for me called Burrton’s Track. It was a fantastic run and I loved every step. Trail running is slow, you walk at times and then there is nature and lots of it. There are hills and lots of them and the underfoot surfaces are varied and alternating.

I have already entered next year’s Tarawera and hopefully the Hutt River trail will be held again as well. I have started to prepare for these events and look forward to many hours on the trails.

You can now call me a trail runner – albeit a novice!


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

6 thoughts on “End Of The Road”

  1. OH heck I can see it now……. I will be peacefully walking the quiet rural paths in the depths of France, slowly as is my want….when steaming up behind me will come this familiar person….who after a brief convo will pass on by and into the distance…..

  2. Hi I have entered the Tarawera 80km Ultramarathon also Ihave come to the place to as the trail runs are very peacefull would be keen to train with you if possable. Thnks

  3. Yes Kiwi -I would love to share a French trail or two with you. Don’t think it will happen sometime soon but you never know. I still expect to see you one day when I’m out and about round here!

    John – Good on you for entering the Tarawera. Make sure you run lots of hilss in your prep! It would be awesome to have someone to run with. I’m planning a 4 hour or so run next Sunday (labour weekend) starting from Kahuterawa carpark, Back track and then Burrtons – out and back. After that I will focus on the Fielding marathon, possibly the Mt Curl 28km race from Marton and then the Coley St school half marathon. There is a lot to choose from in the spring. Let me know if any of that suits.

  4. Hi thanks for that but this sunday I will be running the Pohangina run and the following weekend will be doing the Auckland Marathon but after that would be keen on doing the Back track Scott’s road and onto burrtons and back.

  5. Hey trail runner! I feel exactly the same way Tom, funny thing that I was writing more or less the same as you on my latest blog entry. It’s not that I dislike road running, but anybody that has spent a few hours in the hills and / or trails will probably realise that the connection with nature and oneness with your inner self is more complete when you’re running on something that has not been made by man.
    Look forward to seeing you at some trail ultra soon then I guess, take care matey and I hope you are well J.

  6. Hi Tom
    Funny that we have all been reviewing what we want to do next year. You may have read that I’ve finally forked out and bought some Trabucos. I got fed up with slip sliding away on Sat with Lisa trialling her new Bedrock 50 run. Awesome fun but my legs notice the difference from what I have been doing. We will be out there again on Fri 13th Nov (Show Day in Canterbury) which will be ideal towards my build up to Kepler. I’ve still got four marathons left to do this year.

    Plans for next year? Still want to get to 100 marathons sooner than later but want to do more trails AND 24 hour races and other ultras. I’ll still prioritize marathons over ultras at this stage but now know that my body can take it but not sure if the finances can! 100 marathons was my initial goal and I want to achieve that. I understand where both you and James are coming from too.

    See you at Feilding. Got Auckland this weekend and will be celebrating Ingrid’s 100th! Should be interesting. Hope my quads recover before Sunday!

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