Cod Liver Oil Anyone?

I have been taking cod liver oil off and on this year.

This link to Healtheries lists its benefits.

And here is the Weston A Price foundation info.

The only negative is the taste. It is not one of life’s pleasures – so how do I take it?

I put the dessert spoon of cod liver oil in my mouth then chase it down with half a glass of milk/cream. It minimises the after taste and minimises any taste that may try to linger. Avoid licking your lips!

Take a read, get down to the shop and get into it.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

2 thoughts on “Cod Liver Oil Anyone?”

  1. Yep, milk is one of the better ways to take it aparrently. Just so you’re aware, you should still use an Omega 3 supplement on top if you wanted to, as there’s not very high levels in Cod Liver Oil. People assume there is because it’s fish, but it’s actually mainly Vitamins A and D you get from it. These are fat soluble vitamins, so make sure if you don’t mix it into milk you eat something as this will make sure it is absorbed well and your stomach has less chance of becoming unsettled from it. Keep an eye of your levels of the fat soluble vitamins (maybe when you get a blood test done); they store in the liver and are not excreted from the body as easily as others such as the B Vitamins, Vit C ect. Over time they can build up if you are taking them in a decent amount and on a regular basis.
    Cod liver oil has good benefits though and a good top up for immune systems, it certainly has been around long enough to be tried and tested! Cheers J.

    PS: Apologies if you already know all of this Tom, which I suspect you do but oh well…

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