The running year

Ran a 7km Manawatu Striders event then the 60km Hutt River Trail on the 17th. Ran two more 7km events to finish the month.

Three 7km events.

The Moa Fielding Half Marathon on the 1st and then I ventured up to Rotorua and ran 80km in the first Tarawera Ultra. Found out that I was not strong enough to run 80kms – simple as that – so I made a goal to train harder and go back in 2010 to run it!

A fortnight after Tarawera ran my 6th consecutive Waitarere marathon. I had a few months off and ran a few harrier crosscountry events but basically just ran easily and relaxed.

Ran the Palmy half in August- ran to the start line and ran home again to make a 33km day!
Began to step up a little and ran the Marton Marathon on August 29th.

On the 29th I ran the Dunedin marathon. Enjoyed a weekend away with Norman, James and Mike.


The Feilding marathon was on the 7th followed by my performance of the year – a PB on the half marathon at Foxton – an unbelievable run. Just never got tired. Ended the moth with an epic weekend with the Kahuterawa Classic. Day 1 – 7 and 15 km races then Day 2 a 21km effort. Which I followed up with an hours orienteering.

The 12th saw me complete my third Wanganui marathon.

Add in all the training runs and I have had my biggest year’s running effort to date. 5 marathons, 3 halves and 2 ultras.
Had a lovely trot up the back track today – it was great to be back in the bush and forest again.


I will again run the Hutt River Trail in January and Tarawera 100km in March. I’ll do the 7km runs again and look at the Feilding half again.

And after the 100 I may do Waitarere marathon then have a few months off and no marathons for a while – maybe a year – will stick to shorter events and give the body a break.


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I am Tom.

4 thoughts on “The running year”

  1. Merry Christmas Tom.
    A nice wee summary to a full on year which had some significant highlights. I’m just reflecting on the past year too and while also huge, was worth it just to catch up with all the “usual suspects” (lol, that includes you!) The marathoner group are a great bunch of nutters and I doubt that I would have continued if they weren’t. I am putting my calendar together for 2010 and looks remarkably like this year! Just more! The difference is that I’ve been asked to do more pace setting. Easier on the body and so much more rewarding to witness other people’s achievements. Roll on 2010! See you at Hutt River Trail.

  2. Yes and you had an amazing year Mr Chan! Nutters is right – we are all crazy!

    Hope you have a bit of a break and refresh over this time. I have enjoyed a relaxed diet and a few lazy days.

    Just about to post my entry for Hutt River. Will see you then.

  3. Sounds like a good and enjoyable year Tom, with a really good mixture of events.
    Re Tarawera, you never know, perhaps you would have been strong enough to run 80km, if only it really was only 80km. Word has it that the 100km will not be that much longer!!
    See you at Cross Creek on 23 Jan.

  4. Thanks Andrew. You had a huge year of walking which I have just read about on your blog. Congratulations on all your achievements.
    I will try a rogaine this year too. Loved the orienteering I did and there is a huge amount of challenge in becoming competent.
    Training has been going well for Hutt River trail. Must send in my entry and get myself organised.
    The 23rd awaits!

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