New Year Old Dog

As I write this she is lying on the floor, blissed out beside me. It’s a dog’s life!


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks or so the saying goes – how about you can teach a Tom new tricks?

I have done the unthinkable ahh I may be jumping the gun here … perhaps I should explain.

We have just taken ownership of a beautiful Golden Retriever dog named Ellie. She is seven and her previous owners could no longer care for her so she was returned to her breeder.

I saw her picture the day before Christmas and on Christmas day emailed asking if we could be considered as owners.

We visited on Monday this week and picked her up on Wednesday. After a short settling period Ellie is now firmly ensconced as dog in residence!

Unthinkable? I have never loved dogs nor even considered owning one until last year. I was afraid – no really bad dog experiences to speak of – just always afraid. I do remember being afraid of a blind, old cocker spaniel named Mandy when I was little. However being afraid of dogs was an extension of being afraid of lots of things.

I have grown up a bit since those days – my wife sometimes disagrees with that statement but last year three things got me thinking.

One was listening to an Eckhart Tolle podcast with Oprah in which they briefly talked about pets. Eckhart said something like pets are wonderful because they are always in the present moment (except for the mad ones which have adopted human traits! And they talked about how a pet can help its owner in many ways.

The second was visiting the NZ dog show at Manfeild this year. I saw lots of dogs and decided that day to investigate ownership. After much talking, reading, discussing with strangers out walking their dogs and reflection we now have a Golden Retriever.

The third was doing something new and outside my comfort zone. Well with her I certainly am outside my comfort zone but it is amazing how quickly the zone is expanding.

As I write this she is lying on the floor, blissed out beside me. It’s a dog’s life!

I have much to learn and so far she is being very tolerant of me. Our walks are round the back garden and about 100m down the street. She pulls at times so I have to get my skills sorted.

Ellie comes from a long line of pedigree champions and has an extensive family tree. She has been spayed so has had no family of her own but will be loved and cared for in her new family.

Welcome Ellie. New Year Old dog.
Oh and happy new year everyone!

Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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