I have been painting all week and I must say that it is looking pretty good.

We have painted fences, concrete edging and some of the house exterior.

I enjoy painting – you can really see what you have done and gain some job satisfaction. The paint is expensive but we had most from last January. I guess it is a summer holiday tradition now – spend a week painting. The weather has been pretty good for painting – warm but not scorching and generous cloud cover.

But no painting today – today is a day off!


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

2 thoughts on “Sunday”

  1. No painting for me- gardening in my jungle has been required. But yes, the weather has been perfect for the endeavour. Glad to see your photo header is back…… I liked it and missed it when it disappeared….

  2. Good luck with the gardening.

    I have been playing with a new look for the blog and have settled on this one for now. The header pic can only be changed manually so won’t be changed too often!

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