She Does Swim!

After several trips with Ellie to water Tim and I were wondering just a little about this dog. She is quite cautious – I have no other dogs to compare her with – but she does not catapult herself into water head on (as I thought she might have done). She checks it out and when sure she has a crack- tentaive at first but then with confidence.

This was really evident today as she was keen on stick retrieval. She let out some whines and whimpers but stood on the bank straining forward and willing herself into the water.

Then she decided to have a go and she stepped in and launched forth, first walking and wading then finally a swim. If you throw the stick too far she will look and quiver but not retrieve. She knows her limits this dog. She even followed a stick down the river a ways then snatched it when the time is right

and finally out she comes, drops the stick and then does that Ellie shake which starts at the head, and then with seismic shivers and twists she contorts one way then the other spraying water over all and sundry.

Then she looks at you all ready to do it again and again and again …

Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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