School lunches less healthy?

Read this article It appears to be an opinion piece.

My opinion…
– from what I see in school lunches there has been no change since the change of the National Administration Guideline.

The biggest issue with school lunches is the sugar – lots of kids have what I call plastic lunches. All their ‘food’ is wrapped in plastic – chippies, bars, biscuits, strings, etc.

The biggest issue is that there is nothing good in this food and at my school around the 98% mark of children would have these sugar items every day. This is the real issue for children. Parents have decided for whatever reason to feed their children this processed sugary crap.


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I am Tom.

4 thoughts on “School lunches less healthy?”

  1. Tom…. I would e-mail you if I could find it 😉 I agree, lunches have become very much a sugar feast. However, I have relieved in one school where they have made big efforts to improve things, and the proportion of ‘junk’ food has decreased, and the proportion of nutritious food has increased. I am only ‘in and out’ so I don’t know all the ways they have done it, but I know one way is via a ‘brain food’ break mid-morning, when the only food children can choose are healthy options they are taught about, eg fruit pieces etc. If you want to know which school so you can find out more from them directly, e-mail me maybe via my blog.

  2. I would hazard a guess that a lot of parents are lazy (or perhaps over-stressed) and are looking for the easy way out. Both of my sons, on their own volition (and apparently after nutrition units at school) decided that they didn’t need butter or margarine in their sandwiches / bread rolls. My oldest son has decided he will just have peanut butter. (That is just about the only thing he does have in sandwiches, so that would cause another conundrum at schools where peanuts are outlawed). My youngest son is a little more adventurous – he uses hummus as a substitute. Sometimes he will have a slice of cold meat in there too, and sometimes it’s just the hummus. And both of them are required to take a piece of fruit to school. That would often come back uneaten when they were younger, but now almost always seems to be eaten. It’s really not that hard to put some good food in their lunches.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    We will take a look at it this year. I do not want to get into lunchbox regulations etc. We have better things to do! The key players in the game are the parents. Lazy or over stressed – and also influenced in the supermarket at choice time.

    St Matthew’s has been water only since before my time so a packet free day may be a very good way to start reducing the plastic wrapped items.

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