Time for a rest!

Anyone who has been a regular reader of this blog would have noticed that I have not blogged any running blogs for a month or so. The reason is that I am on a break from running.

I had planned to run through the summer and take a break after Waitarere in early April. However the events of 2009 slowly took their toll and my energies abated rather dramatically over the Christmas New Year period. Needless to say it was a challenge to give it away and plans which had been made have been altered.

I missed the Hutt River Trail although judging by Andrew’s pictures this may not have been a bad decision. Did not make the start of the Turakina Road Race or any of the Manawatu Striders 7km events.

I have offered to volunteer at the Feilding Roy Lamberton Half Marathon and sadly have pulled out of the Tarawera 100km event. Well not so sad as I know I could not have trained through and stood on the start line in healthy shape.

The goal of my running is, was and always will be to do it in a healthy way. I have never had a DNF. I seldom get injured or have to miss days through injury. I am usually an energiser bunny with plenty of pep in the tank. I can still beat almost all of the kids at school in a run and long may it continue!

Plans for this year – now I have a dog it is lots of walking. I’ll always do a pilates class when I can and will do lots of bodyweight exercises in my garage and wherever I am. I am eating well and now sleeping really well after many a broken night. In other words I’m already starting to feel really really good again.

This year I will not run anything longer than a half marathon.

I have noticed how fresh and springy my legs feel after not running for a few weeks. I love it.


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I am Tom.

3 thoughts on “Time for a rest!”

  1. Hi Tom
    The tone of your post suggests a tough choice to make but can understand where you are coming from (you could always follow Andrew’s lead and do walking events!) I have just entered Tarawera 60km as I have agreed to pace set for someone, so will miss you there.
    I’ve just posted photos from Buller (torrential rain!) which made Hutt River Trail conditions by comparison no more than a passing sun shower! Hopefully, you’ll reinstate yourself in FB so that you can add some comment!
    I look forward to your running commentary again as I do find them inspirational for me. I trust that we will catch up soon (maybe Great Forest? And yes, my flight is already booked!)

  2. Your post from 15 October last year indicated that you had discovered the joy of running trails, so I hope you manage to still get out there and do some of that just for your own personal benefit. I’m sure Ellie loves it when you take her for a walk on the trails, and imagine she’d be just as happy to have someone to run with.

    That all said, you had a fantastic year of running, and it was bound to take its toll at some point. It’s far better to do what you are doing and conciously take a break than to push on, get injured, and become frustrated.

    Looking at a more recent post, perhaps you should throw in a bit more rafting during the year to help keep the edge on life!!!


  3. Thanks for the comments and support Norman and Andrew.

    I am waiting for the energy and enthusiasm for running to return. I’m sure it will but has yet to surface. I remember Kym Black saying he had a time when he ran out of gas and it took a while to rejuvenate.

    At present the joy of being a new dog owner is still high and I am doing plenty of walking. My running body is gradually changing but the several small niggles and aches I had have abated so that is nice.

    I am helping out at this weekends Feilding Half Marathon and will be at the Great Forest in some capacity – may even do the 10km and wait for you Norman and run with you!!

    Andrew – rafting is awesome fun and watching the kids experience the river for the first time is a buzz.

    Happy trails to you both.

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